Token model

Total number of tokens: 20,000,000,000

(1) Pledge bonus, 15%
3,000,000,000 tokens to be produced in one year
(2) ido quantity, 65%
Ø Angel round, 2,000,000,000
Ø Institutional round: 3,000,000,000
Ø Guardian targeted invitations: 3,000,000,000
Ø ido: 10u/each, 5,000,000,000
Ø Launch price 12u
Total vault assets are 800,000,000u, group lp 200,000u, remaining cost for marketing and CEX on coin cost
(3) Airdrop incentive, 5% Total 1,000,000,000
(4) Team share, 10% A total of 2,000,000,000
(5) Marketing and CEX coin uploading reserve, 5% Total 1,000,000,000
Investment income distribution According to 5% to the sponsor, 5% to the team, 10% to the multi-sign DAO marketing wallet, 40% to the vault reinvestment, 40% to the stake reward dividend Burning mechanism Buy, sell and transfer 0.4% into the vault
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