Investment Underlying

Types of project targets that can be invested in

(1) Primary market projects

Not yet launched, still in ido, and there is a certain amount of fixed to give priority to the project of jumboDAO, in pinksale, bscpad and other public ido for the full amount, unless there is an advance consultation, otherwise do not participate Participation: The investment is based on the invested project fundraising wallet submitted by the guardian, and the vault contract automatically forwards 50BNB to the invested party's project wallet. Exit mechanism: by the investee, sold at a fixed time when the token of our investment is unlocked, such as the opening that is fully unlocked, then the guardian will sell on time when setting the plan, and convert the funds sold into jub, 50% for destruction, 50% into the pledge reward pool.

(2) Secondary Market Projects

Covering high-quality NFT secondary market projects, secondary market defi, gamefi projects, by the guardian when submitting the plan, write down the subject of investment and the expected recovery time point, the DAO co-management wallet to operate the investment. To the point in time automatically sold, while purchasing jub, 50% into the reward pool, 50% destroyed.
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