Jumbo Introduction

What is Jumbo?

Jumbo is the latest Defi 2.0 platform, which is different from the previous Defi platform. The liquidity provider rents liquidity to the platform to get rewards. Jumbo adopts a brand-new model and rewards the platform to users who are willing to sell liquidity to the platform in the form of bond. This brand-new Defi model will master all liquidity on JUMbo platform, forming a deep moat of currency price. When more and more people get rewards from the platform, the liquidity pool will rise exponentially, and the assets generated from the transaction will also flow into the agreement treasury, constantly supporting the platform currency Jum to create higher prices and bring higher benefits to the users.

What is JUB?

JUB is the token of Jumbo, which belongs to a kind of brand-new asset class. It allows smart investors to build their wealth by staking automatic compound or buying bond. It is a currency controlled by protocol, and each JUB token will be supported by at least $1 of agreed treasury assets, which means that the price of JUB token will always be ≥ $1, and when the agreed treasury assets increase continuously, the price supporting JUB will also increase incessantly. JUB is not pegged to any assets. The higher the market's recognition of JUB's assets, the higher its price will be, and the higher income from staking compound will be. Therefore, the price can far exceed the price supported by the agreed treasury, providing the holders with huge rising potential and incredible compound interests.

Jumbo's vision and development.

Jumbo is a platform, which market demand is judged completely by protocol. When more people buy JUB, more Jums will be produced. And all rewards will be given to project adherents who are willing to stake and compound for a long time, as well as options buyers who are willing to transfer liquidity. A deeper flow pool can be established by their support. Gainers will be with the deeply bound relationship, and they depend on each other to achieve more benefits.
The goal of Jumbo is to design an entirely new Defi model, which can make the platform asset price more stable, resist the risk of fluctuation. Meanwhile, it enables users to obtain super-high profits. Through platform currency JUB, a brand-new asset category, long-term rewards can be gained from staking, which is to resist the fluctuation risk of JUB. For users who transfer liquidity will be rewarded, so that investors could have super-high returns and resist the fluctuation risk in any portfolio. Jumbo is not only a trading platform, but also a decentralized ecosystem. All benefits are distributed through protocols. Stability and security are Jumbo's long-term guarantee.

Why did Jumbo succeed?

(1) The OlympusDAO token on ETH chain is OHM, which has verified the sustainability of the business model for a long time. Caused by the lack of understanding of DEFI, users will be confused about whether the staked income and discount bond with high interest rate can be sustained. Or is it sustainable to add for subsidized users every time. The liquidity of DEFI is the key to the income source, while the traditional LP liquidity is obtained by rent. It exists short-term benefit and the frail liquidity which leads to dump. However, Jumbo liquidity is permanently acquired through the bond model, and every transaction of liquidity can gain 0.2% of the transaction amount. It means that we can get 100% of the income as long as we trade in full 500 times, and the value of the income released to users in each additional issuance is no more than 20%. A hundred transactions in full can make up for the lost value, and then each transaction will continuously increase and expand our treasury, so that the intrinsic value of our JUB will be continuously improved.
(2) Top projects team experience in logging into the three major exchanges is beneficial, especially for swap and lending DEFI projects. Therefore, a proven and mature token model with swap could be combined to build a swap 2.0, which is our own swap with 100% liquidity. And all transaction fees in the future will be served as the treasury's capital reserve to boost our JUB token price.
(3) Jumbo is supported by multiple funds, investment institutions and well-known communities, and started with 10,000 token holders.

Jumbo Information

The unique protocol token: JUB
The contract address: 0x44c098782990966ec3ad27a7fa43947358eeb2c3
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