Jumbo Introduction

What is JumboDAO?

Jumbo DAO seeks to fast forward the collapse of the global economic order and to fund the revolutionaries seeking the same goal.
The top 50 JUBO stakers are The Guardians.
These Guardians can submit proposals to the DAO, but they cannot influence the vote. The votes can be made by all JUBO stakers who are not Guardians. Votes pass based on token share Yes vs No.
These proposals put forward should be requests for investment from protocols which match all or most of the below criteria;
(1)Fight Against Centralisation
(2)Directly benefiting from a noble cause DAOs can then vote on whether they think the investment should be awarded. There is also a burn mechanism that can be used as an incentive. For every 50BNB of JUBO raised, enter the investee agreement or cause. Investee tokens are transferred to a multi-signature DAO wallet based on the proposal: 0xc073a179A72dEdE66aAE3D756076e8069432DD43
(3)Token sale: investee token sale time to snapshot user vote to initiate, through the proposal after the multi-signature wallet to initiate, multi-signature wallet by 9 people to manage, need 4 people to enter the password to execute.
(4)Income distribution: according to 5% to the proposer(No dividends in the event of a loss), 5% to the team, 10% to the multi-sign DAO marketing wallet, 40% to the vault reinvestment, 40% to the stake reward dividend
(5)All users who hold more than 10 jubo coins can initiate project investment proposals on snapshot, and council members who feel there are good projects can move directly to the official website to vote on them

JUMBO Dao is an infinite game

The purpose of a finite game is to win. But for infinite game, it more prefers to be designed to keep the game going forever.
BTC is an infinite game, even though Satoshi Nakamoto has been gone for almost 10 years. Meme, Tugou, specific gamefi, and defi are all finite games, and all participants leave the game quickly after earning benefits.
JUMBO Dao is a protocol and an infinite game at the same time. We can analyze it in detail. When price longs, the right to propose becomes more important. It means that every investment we make can bring traffic, money, and token destruction to the investee. When the price shorts, new shareholders can join at a low cost and initiate proposals to guide the community to make investment decisions.
Under this mechanism, JUMBO DAO transfers power to the community. It’s up to the community to decide where every investment goes. In addition, the cost of mastering the voting rights of JUMBO DAO is far less than the income. Therefore, if a project party wants to obtain funds, he will fight for the first 50 voting rights of JUMBO DAO to obtain key voting rights. And this will greatly increase the liquidity of JUMBO, forming a positive development.
To sum up, JUMBO Dao integrates the characteristics of #IDO, #VC, and #DAO. And break the status quo of DAOs that had no real functionality before. It has become a DAO that can carry value and truly realize community autonomy and benefit sharing. In addition, a more perfect closed-loop token economic model has been designed.
The imagination of the crypto market has yet to grasp the limitless use cases of $JUMBO. Not only does it have utility, it is utility itself. Investing is a fascinating thing — especially for some retail investors. For them, it is usually difficult to access the primary market of many protocols. JUMBO Dao is equivalent to raising their status and becoming an investor in a certain protocol. Perhaps this protocol will also have the opportunity to change the whole world in the future.

Jumbo Information

The unique protocol token: JUBO
The contract address:
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